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Boyfriend problems

Well, I probably enjoyed the things he did in my pants and yes it was amazing, but when I tried it to do it in his pants I FAILED(Why he didn't say anything the times before?!)He said I should stop it, so I did... In this moment I was knowing: I am not ready yet!There are some questions to answer.... Does he (still) love me? Is there any tension between us? Something I know, I have to talk about it very soon! I hope everything will turning good...

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The thing about love

I am or no love? What he said was the truth and nothing but the truth...he has only loved me by the second week but really?... I am sure I had had sex with him yet, if i already have gone to a cut a long story short he got with his hands in my pants(and frankly, so do i, it was nice(strange word for such a important part))...Is it importent to be sure if you sleep with a person? Need to love each other? Or could you do it, if a deep inside impule pass you to do? I am sure, I love him, but not if he loves me...Only say 'I love you' by smooching...I am sure but is that how love really feels like? To think about not loving him hurts and thinking about not be loved by him is killing me...

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True Love

Since 1 Month and 3 weeks I've got a boyfriend... I think I love him ... I don't know what I feel, but if he hold me in his arms I wish that he never let me go. I'm afraid of the Imagine that he could dump me...In fact I only have 2 loveships before both broke up with me cause they didn't love me anymore, they felt me like a good friend._. REALLY? And now I expectet the same from the Future...I didn't wanna lost him...But is it Love? The way he kissed me is breathtaking! I really don't know even if we started too fast. Altought in american-teenage-tv-shows the girls have sex on the first date! Should I have sex with him? In my opinion I am ready but in the situations where we could do it I am not sure...Franky I wasn't at a womens-doctor to take the pill...Perhaps thats the first step I should go.

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