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True Love

Since 1 Month and 3 weeks I've got a boyfriend... I think I love him ... I don't know what I feel, but if he hold me in his arms I wish that he never let me go. I'm afraid of the Imagine that he could dump me...In fact I only have 2 loveships before both broke up with me cause they didn't love me anymore, they felt me like a good friend._. REALLY? And now I expectet the same from the Future...I didn't wanna lost him...But is it Love? The way he kissed me is breathtaking! I really don't know even if we started too fast. Altought in american-teenage-tv-shows the girls have sex on the first date! Should I have sex with him? In my opinion I am ready but in the situations where we could do it I am not sure...Franky I wasn't at a womens-doctor to take the pill...Perhaps thats the first step I should go.

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